Dukeries Ultra 2012 Results

The Dukeries Ultra had its inaugural edition yesterday, May 26th in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. Two events, a 30 mile and a 40 mile race, drew 46 and 73 runners respectively to the start at Sherwood Forest YHA. The course follows the Robin Hood Way National Trail for a circular route that takes in three historic Ducal estates, villages and Cresswell Crags.

The 30 mile event was won by Simon Green and Clare Clewer who was third overall. The 40 mile race was won by Robin Carter in 5:17 and first woman was Rachel McCuaig in 6:18


Women 30 miles
1 Clare Clewer 04:40:40
2 Amanda Carter 05:07:20
3 Helen Pickford 05:07:20
1 Men 30 miles
2 Simon Green 04:24:52
3 Nick Pickard 04:25:48
Matthew David 04:44:55
Women 40 miles
1 Rachel McCuaig 06:18:34
2 Susan Clapham 06:44:06
3 Joan Clarke 07:13:55
Men 40 miles
1 Robin Carter 05:17:40
2 Richard Lendon 05:33:18
3 John McBurney 05:45:15

Race website results: www.dukeriesevents.co.uk

Facebook: Dukeries Ultra

Race report: Helen Pickford

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