Planning a 100 mile Ultra in Devon UK for 2009

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Date:    Tue, 15 Apr 2008 12:32:20 +0100
From:    Nick Kirke
Subject: Planning a 100 mile Ultra in Devon UK for 2009

Hi there

This is my first message on this great list, thanks for everyone’s welcome too.

I am running my first 100 mile Ultra this year; it is the Devon Coast to Coast National Cycle Route (NCN 27) in the South-west of England. It starts at Ilfracombe on the North Devon Coast and ends in Plymouth 102 miles later.

 Plymouth of the Mayflower Steps fame. It is not an organised event yet, I am doing it off my own back, with a lot of support from friends. I know it is a bit adventurous but then again that is why I have decided to become one of you lot!


If the run goes ok and the route looks good, I was thinking about organising an event in 2009 along the same route. Any advice or experience would be
greatly appreciated as I have never organised ANY event let alone a 100 mile ultra.





Contact Nick at: nick.kirke (at) NKSUPPLY.CO.UK

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  1. Hi Nick, We would be very interested in a 100 mile ultra on our doorstep, and might be able to raise some interest among our friends and club mates. Hope to hear more, when are you planning to do your trial run?

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