Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 26


Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 26 has 64 pages. Printed in full colour.


Issue 26 brings together solo experiences journey runs and race reports from France, the USA and from the UK as well as regular columns of news and reviews.

What Can Yoga Do For You? by Susan Lister
JOGLE All The Way by Grahame Shaddick
Everett to Seattle FKT by Doug Beyerlein
London LOOP #FKT by David Bone
1000K Across France – the ‘Mil’Kil Fabrice Viaud
Stirred by the Stour by Frank Wainwright
JKR – Just Keep Running by Katie Spotz
Splitting the Stones by Helen Hayes
The Accumulator by Richard Foster
Book Review – Across America on Foo by Emily Adams
Nikki Love – In Profile
UW Hall of Fame – Suprabha Beckjord
Gear Review – Cébé S’Track 2.0 by Rob Wood


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