Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 31


Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 31 has 56 pages. Printed in full colour. Pre-order now.


Ultrarunning World Magazine issue 31 features news, race reports from the UK and the US, a look at some recent and upcoming races, a book review and the Ultrarunning World Hall of Fame:

  • 6 Days By Annabel Hepworth
  • My Favourite Gear for Ultras By Dan Walker
  • Countdown – 6 Weeks By Deb and Dawn
  • Three Things I Have Learned About Ultra-Running By Suswara Payne
  • The Big Smoke By Ed Scott
  • Grandmaster 100 By Amy Stratton Costa
  • Rocky Racoon 100k/100 mile: Don’t pass the puppy guy By Gary Dudney
  • The Wild Oak Trail By Antoinette Landragin
  • 2021 IAU 6 Hour Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend By Sharon Gayter
  • Victorian Ultrarunners By P.S. Marshall
  • Book Review: Beyond Limits By Emily Adams
  • Hall of Fame: Bruce Fordyce By Helen Hayes


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