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Submission Guidelines

Ultrarunning World is a free monthly-ish magazine supported by runners and organisers. It exists to provide independent news about whats happening in the sport and has a wide remit. Over the last few years a lot of people have stepped up from the marathon distance and consequently there are a lot of entry level runners discovering the sport at this time. This is your magazine.

Your Content

The mainstay of the magazine are the race reports and we sometimes invite particular runners to consider writing about a particular event they have taken part in. If you would like to contribute a race report or an article that is directly related to ultrarunning, we would be happy to take a look at it. Only previously unpublished content will be considered. Material already posted on blogs and facebook or other social media is previously published work. Authors are welcome to republish their articles four weeks after it has been published in Ultrarunning World. Please read recent issues of the magazine – its free – to see the kind of articles we have accepted in the past. We prefer original content as it offers more value and interest to the readers. We strive to offer the best quality product we can given the small team we have and the limited financial resources.

Some UW articles are written by staff writers and correspondents who are ultrarunners and/or experts (therapists, nutritionists, etc.). Please note we don’t publish everything we receive. We are not interested in general articles on the benefits of running, fitness and the like. We may agree with your perspective or cause, but that is not sufficient for us to accept a submission.

Articles and race reports that share matters of general and specific interest to ultrarunners should reflect your own understanding and perceptions. Knowledge and wisdom gained in ultras and multidays are priceless and of benefit to all.


Advertisers help support the cost of producing the magazine and our prices are very reasonable with a full page costing less than 40 whatevers (Euros pounds or dollars). Consider taking out an advert to promote your event


Size of the article depends on its nature but 750-1000 words should be enough for medium size stories. Epics will have to be reviewed (3,000 words plus). Wordcounts vary for the categories listed below so email me if you have any questions or whish to discuss a project.


Images are important as they make a world of difference to an article. Please send publication-quality photos or images in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format and text on a flash drive @ 300 dpi by post or by email/ facebook messenger.
We reserve the right to edit your article as we see fit and necessary. We also exercise quality control over inflammatory material and do not accpet racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory writing and be careful of patronising people you describe and making generalisations about characteristics that could be deemed insulting.

Categories for your consideration:

News items
Race reports
Race previews
Athlete/crew or organisers interviews,
Health and lifestyle articles specifically of interest to ultra and multiday runners
Upcoming Races

Types of articles

  • Historical Articles
  • Inspirational Magazine Articles
  • Round-Up news Articles
  • Informative or Service Articles
  • Profile and Interview Articles
Sending your Submission

E-mail submission is best. Do not send your story as an attachment unless we are expecting it. Please paste it directly into the body of your email for security reasons. We can’t always  guarantee or acknowledge receipt of materials. Keep copies of everything you submit. We are unable to return drives and documents.

  • The website contact page
  • Email: editor@ultrarunningworld.co.uk
  • Facebook message
  • By post to: Abichal Sherrington, 38 Shadwell Rd, Bristol, BS7 8EP

Currently we have three regular correspondents:

  • Maria Bellini
  • Sarah Cameron
  • Mick Farrar
Contributors Page

Submissions should be accompanied by a 40-50 word bio and a headshot (face visible) and a link to your website/blog, if you have one.


We have vacancies for volunteers, for those who enjoy writing about ultrarunning or are interested in contributing in some shape or form. English speaking preferred and internationallly based is fine of course. Please email if ther’s something you would like to be involved in.

Any queries please send email to: editor@ultrarunningworld.co.uk

Thank you,

Updated 20/11/2018