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Ultrabalaton 2008

Dear (Ultra)Runner,

Have you heard about the UltraBalaton, an Ultra running race from Hungary?
It’s one of the most beautiful races in Europe. The distance is 212km which can be done both individually or in a relay.
This year the IAU wrote: "It was the closest ultra run finish in the century! The famous Greek ultra runner Yiannis Kouros finished the race only 300m behind the hungarian champion Bogár János."

The history of the UltraBalaton started last year. The participants enjoyed the race and the professonal runners were satisfied.

Let me draw your special attention – beside the beautiful and enthralling sights of the Balaton and the course – on the frequency of the refreshment stations as there will be refreshments every 3-5 km. And naturally the partys can’t be missed from such a big event either…

Hope we have managed to awake your interest and you will visit our website on www.ultrabalaton.hu ( it’s available for english too!) where you can find all the details.

In case you have any questions please don’t hesitate to turn to us at any of our availibilities.

The registration is opened now!

We hope, we will meet at the race on 21-22 in June 2008 at the lake of Balaton!

Come and run a round with us!

Kind regards,

Nagy Péter