Ultrarunning World Print Editions

Ultrarunning world magazine issue 16
Ultrarunning World print editions are available from the publisher and from Magcloud.

Issues 1-7 are on Magcloud and Issues 8 onwards are available from the publisher with a suggested donation as follows:

Issue 16 £7.50 (76 pages)
Issue 15 £7.50 (72 pages)
Issue 14 £7.50 (72 pages)
Issue 13 £7.50 (76 pages)
Issue 12 £7.50 (72 pages)
Issue 11 £7.50 (72 pages)
Hardmoors Special Edition £3.50 (26 pages)
Issue 10 £5.50 (64 pages)
Issue 9 £4.00 (36 pages)
Issue 8 £3.50 (24 pages)

These are printed versions of the online edition and are only produced through P.O.D. in small quantities at this time, hence the higher price which does however include p&p in the UK. International shipping will be extra, please ask for details.

To order your copy use the contact form or email: mail@ultrarunningworld.co.uk stating which issue you would like.

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