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Ultrarunning World Special Edition 3 The Dartmoor Discovery

Our latest offering is the Ultrarunning World Special Edition 3 The Dartmoor Discovery. A Special Edition is focused entirely on one event and it just so happens that all three Specials have been UK events.
Our first Special edition was about the Hardmoors 55 in 2018 which was struck by the Beast from the East.
Our second edition was focused on Mark Cockbain’s legendary 48 hour race in The Tunnel in the summer of 2019.

Our third edition was meant to be out in 2020 but due to the pandemic we decided to hold off publishing until the race was set to take place again. And here we are, June 5th sees the 2021 edition of the Dartmoor Discovery, hosted by the Teignbridge Trotters, a 32-mile road ultra that everyone seems to have nice things to say about.
We would like to thank everyone who has helped bring this issue together at Teignbridge Trotters especially retiring RD Roger Hayes. I would like to thank our staff also for staying sane and I would like to warmly welcome our newest team members, Copy Editor Sarah Thi, getting into some serious proofreading and correspondent Gareth Chadwick who is helping us out with some really exciting upcoming interviews.

This issue features:

  • About The Dartmoor Discovery
  • Teignbridge Trotters
  • Dartmoor Discovery Shakes Off The Covid Blues
  • Dancing To Their Own Tune By Gareth Chadwick
  • The Course
  • Cruel Mistress By John Skinner
  • 32 miles! No problem! By Jane Pannell
  • Dartmoor Discovery 2019 By Lucy Evans
  • Official Race Report
  • Dartmoor Discovery 2019 Results
  • Some Thoughts By Kieron Summers

Dartmoor Discovery website.

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