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101K Ronda Spain 12-13 May

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Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 19:10:33 +0200
From: Roadscholar
Subject: 101K Ronda Spain 12-13 May

I’ll be running the Ronda, Spain 101K race the weekend of 12-13 May. It’s an annual race sponsored by the Spanish Foreign Legion. It’s quite an adventure through the mountains around Ronda. A very scenic route (during the day).
It’s billed as a “marcha” and many people do hike/march the route. You have a 24-hour time limit to complete the course.

I completed the race in 1998 (4th edition) in 19 hours, 23 mins, 53 secs running/walking. I thought it was a very tough course. I figured covering the 62.7 miles in 24 hours would be relatively easy, but I found that was not the case (gotta remember those darn mountains). This is the 11th edition this year. (They’ve cancelled it a few times due to the Legion’s operational

There is also a 101K mountain bike race and a 101K duathlon (78K bike/16K run/7k bike) held the same weekend.

As of 20 April there there were 1037 registered for the 101K “Marcha”, 1200 mountain bikers (limited to 2200), and 237 for the duathlon.

If you’re ever in Spain in May it’s a great adventure for the weekend.

More info at http://www.lalegion101.es/ provided you speak Spanish.

El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain