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Achill Ultra Back To Back 2016

Achill Ultra Back to Back – Get in touch with Your Wildish Self and experience the Mystical Island – August 27th/28th 2016.

Achill ultramarathon back to back 2016G’day Athletes!

I hope everyone’s training schedule is on track and leading you West to Achill Island this August for our fourth annual event. This year Achill Ultra is going back to back with an added twist to the Ultra Marathon route on the Sunday 28th.

Achill Ultra will not disappoint. Come experience the Atlantic drama and tough ascents while being replenished by the liquid air. The 13-mile loop, running along the edge of Europe, through the Wilds of Achill, can be completed once, twice, or three times. The course hosts the thundering Atlantic as a tempestuous backdrop (depending on the weather). The myriad islands of Clew bay, Clare Island and the stunning topography of Achill, including Croaghaun, (Europe’s highest cliffs) all combine to take one’s mind off those lung-busting climbs.

Don’t take the easy way out -challenge yourself on a non-personal best course and accelerate your fitness to new levels.

“I used to think of Dingle as the toughest road marathon in Ireland but after running Achill last week I’d say that mantle has been passed on! Both areas are stunningly scenic and both are well worth a visit – do yourself a favour and see them for yourself” –Thomas Burbendofer (Spartan 2015)

This is one for the calendar. Registration through Active on https://endurancecui.active.com

More details on the Achill Ultra Back To Back website: Achillultra.com