Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 17


Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 17


Annabel Hepworth writes about her experience at the Adelaide 6 day race in Australia where she produced the best women’s 6 day race performance of 2018 covering 742.803 km. Garfield Jones went to Policoro in Italy to try out the 48 hour, part of the 6 Day Italian Ultra Festival. Garfield has run more than 25 24 hour races and is now looking at 48 hours and longer.

This issue is definitely worth a read, its a great selection of ultras and multidays, trail and road races from a great cross section of the ultrarunning community.

Garfield Jones Italian Ultra Festival 48 Hours
Berit Jessen Trans Korea
Tegan Edwards Dawn to Dusk 100 Mile Circuit Race
Tim Hardy Devil Dog 100
Stuart MacFarlane Dunoon Ultra
Debbie Coolman Centurion Autumn 100
James Campbell Hardwolds 80 pt1
Alex Mason Dusk til Dawn 2018
Debbie Bidmead Ridgeway Challenge
Leila Majewska Slower Than A Snail On A Turtles Back


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