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The GOMU 48 Hour World Championships 2023 Gloucester

GOMU 48 Hour World Championships 2023

The GOMU 48 Hour World Championships 2023 started earlier today at 10:00 am at the Blackbridge Athletics track in Gloucester.

The Gloucester 48 Hour first took place in 2021 and takes a huge step forward in hosting the World Championships in a modality that in the past wasn’t promoted to any degree.
With the developement of ultrarunning over the last decade the multiday races are starting to see an influx of newcomers eager to explore longer ultras and multidays and with Camille Herron leading the way there is a bright future dawning for ultrarunning.

Todays race at the 3 hour point sees Viktoria Brown (CAN) 34.8 km leading Mara Guler (ROU) on 34.4 km and Dan Lawson (GBR) 41.200km leads Grant Jeans (GBR) 38.4 km.
Follow the live broadcast at the link below.


Live results online: Gloucester 48/24 2023
Event Website: Eventswerun.co.uk
Facebook page: Severn Valley Events Ltd