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Ultrarunning World 16 Out Now

Ultrarunning World 16

Issue 16 of Ultrarunning World features race reports and articles including:

Sarah Cameron – The Kristina Palten interview
Sharon Gayter – Coast to Coast (C2C)
Stacey Holloway – West Highland Way
Leila Majewska – Princesses on a run
Fiona McNelis – Canal Grand Slam
Vinny OLeary – Listowel Endurance Festival
Rachel Fawcett – Making The Jump to 100 Miles
Heather Strowd – Cape Fear
Gabrielle Harris – Wasatch Front 100
Joe Heywood – Bear 100
Padraig Mullins – NorthCoast 24 Hour
Greg Bergeron – Peak Marathon
Hayley White’s 6633 Arctic Ultra Race

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