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Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 31 Out Now

ultrarunning world issue 31

We are very happy to share with you our latest publication, Ultrarunning World Magazine issue 31.

Ultrarunning World Magazine issue 31 features news, race reports from the UK and the US, a look at some recent and upcoming races, a book review and the Ultrarunning World Hall of Fame:

  • 6 Days By Annabel Hepworth

    Francesca Canepa
    Back cover Francesca Canepa by Daniele Chiodi.jpg
  • My Favourite Gear for Ultras By Dan Walker
  • Countdown – 6 Weeks By Deb and Dawn
  • Three Things I Have Learned About Ultra-Running By Suswara Payne
  • The Big Smoke By Ed Scott
  • Grandmaster 100 By Amy Stratton Costa
  • Rocky Racoon 100k/100 mile: Don’t pass the puppy guy By Gary Dudney
  • The Wild Oak Trail By Antoinette Landragin
  • 2021 IAU 6 Hour Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend By Sharon Gayter
  • Victorian Ultrarunners By P.S. Marshall
  • Book Review By Emily Adams: Beyond Limits By Lowri Morgan
  • Hall of Fame: Bruce Fordyce By Helen Hayes

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