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2012 Hardmoors 110 Results

The 2012 Hardmoors 110 mile race took place June 1st at Helmsley in North Yorkshire. 54 runners started and there were 30 finishers first among whom was Neil Bryant in 22:44 and first lady,  joint third overall and setting a new womens course record was Shelli Gordon.


1st Neil Bryant (22.44)
2nd Kevin Perry (24.08) 1st 50 vet
3rd Mark Collinson – Shelli Gordon 1st Lady (24.19)
5th Danny Anderson (24.26)
6th Drew Sheffield (25.24)
7th James Charlton (25.35)
8th James Quigley (26.26)
9th Dave Kamis (27.31)
10th Richard Garland (27.53)
11th Dudley Manning (28.50)
12th Lee Langstone (28.59)
13th Frazer Hirst (29.28)
14th Andrew Seville (30.31)
15th Mark Dalton (30.35)
16th Gary Warmington (31.00)
17th Alan Rumbles (1st Shire) – Ashley Innes (31.06)
19th Brian Donnolly (32.56)
20th Colin Fitzjohn (32.59) started at 1800hrs
21st Carl Hobbins – Lee Jones (33.10)
23rd Henry Morris (33.15)
24th Ernie Jewson – Andy Norman (33.43)
26th Roy McDougall (33.59)
27th Leo Brooklittle (35.06)
28th Paul Mullholland (35.13)
29th Nigel Fishburn – Mark Hinnes (35-31)


Race website: Hardmoors110.org.uk
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Race report: Niall Dinwoodie