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The Arc of Attrition 2018

arc of attrition

The Arc of Attrition 2018 is a 100 mile, point-to-point race from Coverack to Porthtowan along the South-West Coastal path.  The race, whch started at 12.00 noon on Friday February 9th, has a 36 hour cut-off with additional checkpoint cut-offs on route.With checkpoints approximately 20 miles apart, competitors will need to be self-sufficient for long periods of time. Hence the reccomendation that runners have a support crew.
The event carries 6 points towards qualification to the UTMB.

Currently the leaders are Steven Wyatt and Paul Maskell having just gone through Hayle, 15 miles to go, with a 5 mile lead over third placed Drew Sheffield. Leading the women is Maryann Devally with Amy Blackburn in second and Gemma Pateman a close third.

Live tracking at: http://live.opentracking.co.uk/arcattrition18
The race HQ at the BlueBar Porthtowan www.blue-bar.co.uk.
Race website: Mudcrew.co.uk/event/the-arc-of-attrition/