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Across America on Foot: by Brian Risk Stark, et al.

Across America on Foot: 27 Stories of Adventure, Endurance, and Inspiration by Brian Risk Stark, Across America Author Group, et al. Why would anyone travel across the American continent on foot? The answer can be found in each of the 27 adventures in this compilation. This book is the first-ever collection of people who have crossed the USA from one side to the other, and in some cases, more than once. Some traveled east to west; others went vice versa. Some crossed without support and others had family or organizations assisting. These persons are from all walks of life: a recovering alcoholic, a retired CEO, a housewife, a teenager, and even a 10-year-old boy and his father. Some had a support vehicle while others were at the mercy of the elements with nothing more than a jogging stroller or a day pack. These are stories of adventure where auto and truck traffic were dangers of daily life. These are untold stories one cannot find in daily headlines. They are stories that can only be told by those who have traveled more than 2,500 miles Across America on Foot.

One Track Mind by Michael Stocks

When Michael Stocks stands at the starting line of a 24-hour race on an athletics track in South London, it is noon and rain is beginning to fall. His aim is to run more than 150 miles by noon the following day, in order to fulfil his dream of being selected to run for Great Britain. He is 49 years old, and it will require the performance of a lifetime. One Track Mind tells the story of these 24 life-changing hours. It reveals the mental tools that make it possible to run six marathons in a single day, and how they can be applied to other parts of life. And it shares the realisations about life that remain long after the race has ended. A love letter to a race, to a community at the frontier of sport and to life itself, One Track Mind is an inspirational examination of the fascinating world of extreme endurance.

The Mindful Runner: Finding Your Inner Focus by Gary Dudney

Runners know there’s a profound truth behind the old joke: Running is fifty percent physical and ninety percent mental. The Mindful Runner focuses on the mental side of running. It thoroughly explores the complex landscape of the runner’s mind, offering fresh perspectives on how to get the most out of yourself while enjoying the journey along the way. Do you enjoy reading about running but think you’ve heard it all? Then this book will delight and surprise you. Full of great stories, it offers new ways to think about running. Running can be a transformative experience, or it can just be great exercise with a tidy bonus of enhanced self-esteem and self-awareness. Learn how to maximize your mental game out there to reach your goals; you’re guaranteed to gain a greater appreciation for the rewards and possibilities inherent in running. The Mindful Runner builds on the author’s first running book, The Tao of Running, but broadens the focus to all runners going any distance, ensuring that you recovered with advice on mental strategies that apply in any running situation. Running is a great adventure. Make sure you’re not missing out on it.

The Tao of Running by Gary Dudney

The Tao of Running brings a fresh and unique perspective to the topic of running. It offers readers multiple ways to significantly deepen, enlighten, and enrich their running experiences.