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Hardmoors 30

hardmoors 30 2022

Photo by Dan Newton

The Hardmoors 30 is usually the first UK ultra on the calendar, a circular loop following old railway lines north between Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby before heading southwards along Cleveland Way to Robin Hoods Bay and then rejoining old railway lines passing through Ravenscar along the way to Hayburn Wyke.163 finishers.
Taking 45 minutes off her previous time at the Hardmoors 30 saw Despina Berdeni take first place ahead of Claire Howard, 2020 winner and Bridget Houlston came home for third place over an hour ahead of 4th placed Kendra Wedgwood. In the men’s race, Wayne Fennell crossed the line a mere 20 seconds ahead of Andy Goddard, must be a story there,and third place was Ian Robertson. 163 finishers, 10 hour time limit.
Top Places

Pos Name Time
1 Despina Berdeni 5:31:37
2 Claire Howard 5:55:20
3 Bridget Houlston 6:05:18
1 Wayne Fennell 4:54:09
2 Andy Goddard 4:54:29
3 Ian Robertson 5:07:19

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Photos by David Bradshaw (SportSunday)