Digital Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 35


Digital Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 35 features 64 pages in full colour.


Digital Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 35 version is a way of contributing to the costs of running the magazine. Those costs include the graphic design, newsletter mailing service, website hosting and maintenance amongst others.
We would also like to reward photographers and journalists who earn their living by being at these events or who generate interesting content. This way we can continue to bring more interviews and a more diverse range of articles that offer more inspiration and encouragement.
Your donation will help bring this about, thank you.

Issue 35 features:

  • Winter Base Training By Susan Lister
  • Tough Trails – Edale Inferno Ring of Hell By Emily Dart
  • A Lesson In Grinding Out 83.8 Miles By Emma Hancock
  • Sri Chinmoy 24 Hour Track Race 2021 Race Report By Peter Abraham
  • Darkside Sunset Ultra By Laura Buffini
  • The Charity By Lorien Cadier
  • Raid des Cathares Raid 101 not Room 101!! By Emma Morton
  • Gax 100 By Enar Warfvinge
  • 250 miles, 175 locks, 100 hours, 10 check-points, 2 feet and a hairbrush… By Naomi Moss
  • Moab 240 The Comeback By Ross Jenkins
  • 25 Hours Track 100 By Steven Battle
  • The Tunnel Ultra By Vanessa Kellie
  • Rim To River 100 Mile By Gary Dudney
  • Pursuing Distance Another Canadian National Record for Viktoria Brown By Laura Manuel
  • Runfurther – An Ultra Race Series For All by Karen Nash

Articles and race reports in this issue from the UK, Canada, the US, France and Sweden.


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