Digital Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 38


Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 38 contains 96 pages in full colour.


Digital Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 38 version is a way of contributing to the costs of running the magazine. Those costs include the graphic design, newsletter mailing service, website hosting and maintenance amongst others.
We would also like to reward photographers and journalists who earn their living by being at these events or who generate interesting content. This way we can continue to bring more interviews and a more diverse range of articles that offer more inspiration and encouragement.
Your donation will help bring this about, thank you.

Ultrarunning World Issue 38 features:

  • Tracy Waite Cornwall Run Show
  • Kim Maltby Yoga
  • Antonio Codina Taming The Dragon
  • Dawn Nunes Comrades Training
  • Tracy Waite Interview with Camille Herron
  • Ian Morris Top Tips For Running 100 Miles
  • Josef Mayerhofer Mozart 100 Interview
  • Florian Neuschwander Mozart 100
  • Azara Garcia Mozart 100
  • Philippe Fourment Capitany 24 Hour
  • Jessie Gladish MYAU
  • UW Interview with Jo Murphy
  • Kendra Wedgwood Hardmoors 55
  • Laura Watts Keys 100
  • Nick Wright Classic Quarter
  • Tom Sopp Serpent Trail
  • Ian Thomas Sparta Ultra
  • Catherine Cowie Great Glen Ultra
  • Darren Stoker Great Glen Ultra
  • Cees Dijkstra Tuscany Crossing
  • Konstantin Wiesner K6
  • Gwenan Riley Southern Lakes Ultra
  • Danielle Ledbury Lisa Watson Interview
  • Emma Morton Wolfie
  • Vanessa Gonzalez Sharp Top 50k
  • John Zeier PacRim
  • Abby Fleming Scott Jenkins Cocodona 250


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