Print Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 37


Print Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 37 contains 72 pages and is printed in full colour.


Pre-order Issue 37 which will be ordered shortly. Both online and print versions feature:

  • Extending Your Ultra Distance, Mindfully: Why it Might be Time to Rethink the Headphones By John Burns
  • Interview: Damian Hall By Gareth Chadwick
  • Waterous Trail on Foot/ 50 Miler 2021 By Casey Edlington
  • W T F By Sam McReady
  • Donodea 50k By Andrew Mehan
  • Donadea 50km – Irish National 50k Championship By Sarah Meegan
  • Art O’Neil Ultra By Pietro Andrianopoli
  • Endurancelife Northumberland Ultra 2022 By Chris Evans
  • Come On; Let’s Do This! By Francesca Goodwin
  • Track Wars: Destiny By Amy Lomax & Sarah Marshall
  • Track Wars: Destiny or Density? By Matt Parker
  • Track Wars: Infinity By Rob Cowlin
  • Last Annual Vol- State Run: 500K/ The Journey to the Rock By Jaide Downs
  • Lorna Runs Three Peak JOGLE By Lorna Cullen
  • Ultra-distance running is a long conversation with God By Shamita Achenbach-König


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