Digital Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 37



Digital Magazine Ultrarunning World Issue 37 version is a way of contributing to the costs of running the magazine. Those costs include the graphic design, newsletter mailing service, website hosting and maintenance amongst others.
We would also like to reward photographers and journalists who earn their living by being at these events or who generate interesting content. This way we can continue to bring more interviews and a more diverse range of articles that offer more inspiration and encouragement.
Your donation will help bring this about, thank you.

Ultrarunning World Issue 37 features:

  • Extending Your Ultra Distance, Mindfully: Why it Might be Time to Rethink the Headphones By John Burns
  • Interview: Damian Hall By Gareth Chadwick
  • Waterous Trail on Foot/ 50 Miler 2021 By Casey Edlington
  • W T F By Sam McReady
  • Donodea 50k By Andrew Mehan
  • Donadea 50km – Irish National 50k Championship By Sarah Meegan
  • Art O’Neil Ultra By Pietro Andrianopoli
  • Endurancelife Northumberland Ultra 2022 By Chris Evans
  • Come On; Let’s Do This! By Francesca Goodwin
  • Track Wars: Destiny By Amy Lomax & Sarah Marshall
  • Track Wars: Destiny or Density? By Matt Parker
  • Track Wars: Infinity By Rob Cowlin
  • Last Annual Vol- State Run: 500K/ The Journey to the Rock By Jaide Downs
  • Lorna Runs Three Peak JOGLE By Lorna Cullen
  • Ultra-distance running is a long conversation with God By Shamita Achenbach-König


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