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Ultrarunning World Issue 40

Ultrarunning World magazine

Ultrarunning World Issue 40 is out now and features 64 pages of race reports, articles and reviews as well as our usual columns.

This editions Guest Editor is the multi-talented Sarah Thi.

This edition features:

  • Kate Maltby The Running Addict Part 1
  • Dimitra Kefokeri International Ultramarathon Festival
  • David Jackson Story of not being an ultra runner
  • Dawn Nunes Ultra Trail Cape Town 100
  • Emma Morton Ultra X Wales 2022
  • Laura Watts Leeds & Liverpool Canal Race race report
  • Mandy Foyster Viking Way
  • Robert Dale Bring Out Your Dead 2022
  • Enar Warfvinger Personliga Rekordens Tävling (PRT) 2022
  • San Buckley Autumn 100
  • Tom Sopp Cheviot Goat 2022
  • Sarah Scarth Book Review William Sichel – A Head For Running
  • Antonio Codina Book Review David Byrne – Running through the night: The Stretch to Racing 100 mile
  • Matt Green The Spine Perspective
  • Ellie Green Going Solo